Ayur Shield is a collaborative effort of all entities in the Ayurveda industry namely clinicians, manufacturers and hospitals. To support and to reach out to larger number of people, Ayurveda Private sector under the ageis of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) with leadership of AMAI, AMMOI, AHMA, has joined hands to research and run Immunity Clinics under the name Ayur Shield

In the current scenario, to mitigate the spread of Covid 19, Government of Kerala has adopted Ayurveda and has launched AyurRaksha Clinic to provide preventive medicines to the masses. Ayur Shield will be an extension of Government AyurRaksha Clinics to reach the solutions to the people by their spread and availability.

It helps to enable the industry to provide collective simple solutions for masses so that entire population benefits on health to live a fulfilling life without difficulties. Thus it takes the form of Ayur Shield Clinics for immunity.

This will be run as a chain of immunity clinics mainly focussing on the preventive aspect of health and immunity. This will function in all 6000 Ayurveda Medical shops and 1500 Ayurveda clinics throughout the State as specialty department.

To evaluate and supervise the activities of the Ayur Shield clinics, a panel of 15 eminent Ayurveda doctors have been formed. This monitors and ensures a common scientific treatment protocol for all. The data collected from these clinics will be a proof to showcase how Ayurveda has enhanced people’s immunity. With the availability of scientific evidence, Kerala will be able to show the world the power of Ayurveda which will revive the sector


● These immunity clinics ensure optimal health of global population in the context of strainful life due to adverse conditions and infections.

● These also promote power of Ayurveda to enhance immunity of the people.

● These helps to improve the resistance to communicable diseases.


1. Conduct Immunity clinics two days a week in all Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals in Kerala.

2. Immunity clinics will operate for a period of three months from the commencement of the project  

3. Patients arriving at the Immunity clinic will be fully exempted from the consulting fee

4. All the clinics will follow the common protocol prepared by clinical committee constituted under Ayur Shield. This committee will ensure preparation and review of the protocols and documents.

5. A common datasheet will be maintained

6. The working of the Immunity Clinics will be monitored by a Mission team, which will consists of Office-bearers of CII supported by AMAI, AHMA and AMMOI.


ayurvedacommunity.org is the official website of Ayur Shield. The objective of Ayurveda Community is to be a reliable voice of Ayurveda to the public at large. Anyone with a genuine interest or question can use this platform to gain information and avail services directly from the experts in the field. The website contains articles related to Ayurveda, myths and also helps the common man to clarify their misconceptions regarding Ayurveda. The details regarding the Ayur Shield mission will be uploaded to the website. All partnering associations and firms shall endorse the Ayur Shield mission and link to this website for better promotion.


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